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WT Quick Reorder is a software application that helps you find your previous orders. It is used to add any previously ordered products to the cart.In this article, we’ll explore the features of a WT Quick Reorder and how it can benefit your business.


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14+ Features Of WT Quick Reorder

Woo Quick Reorder plugin tab on the product page allows you to set a purchasing message that will automatically send when the customer purchases the product.

Html Table View Design
Filter by Date & Products
Fully Resposive Design
WooCommerce Supported
Pre-Design Custom Checkbox
Product Detailed Reviews
Uniqe Prebuild Design
Premium Support
WordPress Support
Woocommerce Support
FontAwesome Icons
Google Fonts
Optimized for Performance

Optimized for efficiency and user-friendliness, ensuring smooth navigation and utility for users of various expertise levels.

Highly Customisable

Facilitates a high degree of customization, empowering users to fine-tune functionalities to align with specific preferences and requisites.

Clear Documentation

Provides comprehensive documentation, detailing each feature thoroughly to enable users to leverage the full potential of the plugin.

Excellent Support

Our expert support team is readily available, offering prompt and proficient assistance to address queries and facilitate optimal use.

Frequently asked questions

How do I show the WT Quick Reorder table on any page?

You have to simply add this “[ wt_quick_reorder_table ]” shortcode, and the Quick Reorder Table will be shown.

Does the WT Quick Reorder plugin support different languages other than the default language?

Of course, it does. The WT Quick Reorder plugin is also compatible with the Loco Translate plugin, which you just need to install and activate to translate the plugin into any language you want.

How do I customise the WT Quick Reorder table?

The WT Quick Reorder plugin has the option to customise the order filter, table column, and number of orders per page.

I want to hide some product information in the reorder WT Quick Table. Is it possible?

You can display or hide product information as you see fit. This is customized by the plugin option.

Can I hide the order filter?

Of course, it does. The WT Quick Reorder plugin has the option to customize this.

Plugin Screenshots

Enable WT Quick Reorder Facility?

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Order Per Page

Order Type ( ASC/DESC )

Order By

Custom Shortcode

What People Are Saying

testi quet


Amazing, Simply works

Great plugin! Extremely easy to use and setup, support was quick and good – this plugin is well worth the cash spent.

testi quet


Great !!

Perfect plugin! Works like a charm. Easy to setup. Fast en helpful support with some translation we desired.

testi quet


Premium support

Great customer support, responded immediately and was hands on with my site personally. Thank you!

testi quet

Leon Harris

It Is Simple And It Works

Plugins support is great. They respond quickly to emails, and are very helpful! Thank you.

testi quet


Excellent Plugin

Works great after it’s properly enabled. Customer service was quick to respond. Highly recommend.

testi quet


Useful, works

Customer support response time is really quick, Gives / provides answer to all my questions. Really Appreciate!


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